Ultralight Autogyros: Training and air law

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Ultralight Autogyros: Training and air law

Postby smittiefish » Sun Mar 31, 2013 11:42 pm

Hello Folks,

I never was a great fan of ultralight anything because of SAAF dad's opinion of them when I was a boy, and although I am a fixed wing person at the very heart of the matter, gyro flying, and of late Autogyro flying has caught my, albeit silent, attention. It just makes a lot of sense in the physics realm...and now this:


In the US apparently they are not even registered, any info regarding this would be most helpful.

So, is anyone in SA flying these specific types? If so, please let me know! If not....I'll be selling soon. :D

Lastly, air law...this is the perfect spotting aircraft. Whenever parents of students at my school hear I fly the first question many times is: "Would you be able to do spotting on my farm in Namaqualand/Karoo?" The question thus: What would the legal implications be of doing such an activity if I were to own an ultralight autogyro like this Honeybee?


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Re: Ultralight Autogyros: Training and air law

Postby Captain » Mon Apr 01, 2013 11:03 am

from what i understand about the law in the US is that because of its weight it is not a requirement to licence them>? or even get a licence to fly them? that is what contributes to the high accident rate in the US and ultimately when one takes a 'snapshot' of accidents / incidents the gyro copter seems to appear high in numbers, and that makes the uneducated think that they are unsafe.
So while the wife is buying food at wallmart you could be pulling parts to assemble the thing from the hardware section of the same store? (must admit I do like that concept!) but flying it will need some training. that is a legal requirement in SA and the craft will need type approval from CAA
In SA you will need to do a separate licence fro a Gyro (single seat or not) and will most likely train on a tandem trainer available from a local school, once armed with your licence you will be able to do spotting or anything else (with no reward) unless you convert your licence to a Comm you will be subject to the same air law that applies to any other aircraft, IE: no flying over people/ animals minimum altitudes and so on, consideration for noise and all that will still apply.... that being said I think it will be a blast to fly such a light easily transportable unit to a farm and play.

Pm if you bringing kits in I would be keen to build one as well if they are bot to dear.... love the disk brake on the front wheel on this thing
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