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9 Years and still going strong

Unread postby RudiGreyling » Mon Jul 24, 2017 1:40 pm

Flying for 9 Years and 575 Hours and still going strong! My RV7 amazes me how cheap and without troubles the ownership has been!

Long time no post, So here is some feedback from my annual inspection I completed this past weekend, because I keep getting questions about RV maintenance and costs. I am still learning every day, I am not an AMO, just a home builder, so this might be old news for some, but some might benefit.

1) 9 Years flying and I did not have to do any Service Bulletin work. Yes there have been SB inspections to be done, to keep an eye on certain elements, but no corrections or rectifications required on my RV7.
2) I also operate on the dark side of experimental with Mogas Unleaded 95 on Lycoming and Lean of Peak for 95% of the time, so after 575 hours of operation, I am extremely happy. My blow bys are still like new with 79,78,78,78 over 80 respective for each cylinder. If LOP and Unleaded are bad, the engine would shown it by now.
3) Due to LOP I am still using the same original spark plugs! Yes, 575 hours on the same original set. See more below.
4) My annual maintenance only consists of change the Oil and Oil Filter, and wash the Air filter. Less than R1,000. Check the Timing and check the spark plugs, check the airframe.
5) Items replaced since new in the 9 years: Alternator (stopped working), Oil pressure probe (gave erratic readings) and I reinforced the airfilter box, Tires that's it the complete list!

My RV7 Ownership has been an absolute pleasure! My Maintenance cost has been extremely low, so I am not getting it when guys say Lycomings are heavy on maintenance, mine has been virtually zero. Just clean oil and filters every time.

More details...
This is my original spark plugs, straight out the engine. 575 hours LOP keeps them clean and shows the health of the engine.

This year I treated myself to a spark plug cleaner from aircraft spruce, you might know about, it if not learn like I do...It works like a charm and you get more life out of your expensive aircraft plugs.

Spark plug Left before cleaning and Right after. It almost looks like new?

All cleaned and the little spark cleaner in the background...a contained sandblasing / grid blasting unit.

With the maintenance savings, I can spend money on tools! Next year I am buying a borrow scope to keep an "eye" on the internals.

I love my RV!


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