Calendar times for older model Cessnas

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Calendar times for older model Cessnas

Unread post by lampiesJR » Mon Nov 30, 2015 8:02 pm

Someone just told me about calendar times on older Cessnas.

Anyone have an idea what parts need replacement/overhaul and after how long?

He also told me something about the Wing Boxes. He said that wing boxes also needs quite a lot of maintenance and when the time comes for heavy maintenance, it can get very expensive.
Now, as I understand it, Cessnas like the Cardinal and 210 does not have external strut bracing, which makes sense when it comes to wing box maintenance because it contains major parts like the main spar, but with Cessnas like the 150, 172, 182, 180, 185 etc. which has external struts, what maintenance are there in these aircraft's boxes that can be so very expensive?
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