Help with homebuilt rooivalk cockpit sim

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Help with homebuilt rooivalk cockpit sim

Unread post by darkknight » Fri Mar 08, 2019 7:06 pm

Ok heres the story.So i built a mock rooivalk cockpit running gta san adreas in my garage for the kids to muck about with. really fun for everyone but the graphics really suck so after i made a frackenstien forcefeedback joystick pedals and collective i started looking into improving the graphics. Fsx is ok but lack of weapons turns the rooivalk into any other civy chopper. So after messing around with the oryx in arma2 i decided to try arma3 that has a very nice rooivalk with all the trimmings. But after buying a second hand arma3 at cash converters cant get the armscor mod to download through steam. So heres the help needed anybody knows how to get hold of the armscor mod creator for arma3 or could help out otherwise i would really appreciate it.Leaving messages on youtube and facebook not answered.
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