Surefly Electronic Ignition - Real World Experience

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Surefly Electronic Ignition - Real World Experience

Unread post by Jahogan » Sun Oct 27, 2019 9:32 pm

I installed a Surefly ignition in a 1972 Cherokee 6 (PA32-260) about 4 months ago. Had a few issues, but most have been resolved. Installation is very straightforward. Elegant design... the electronic ignition (in my case the SIM6L) simply replaces the impulse coupled mag. It is self contained: there are no other modules to install. The SIM has a TBO of 2400 hours. Installation takes about 2 hours. It is certified for all Lycoming and Continental engines in the fixed timing mode. The SIM can be set for advance timing (up to 38 degrees) for certain aircraft types. Fixed and Advance modes are set by user accessible dip switches. Here is a link for more info:

Starts are much easier.
Engine runs noticeably smoother.
High reliability (2400 hour TBO).
Low cost: $1,250 - 4 cylinder and $1,550 - 6 cylinder
In the timing advance mode you should see a performance improvement. In a test I ran, I saw about a 4 to 5 knot improvement in cruise.
I would also expect to see an improvement at high altitudes (increased spark energy and no susceptibility to arcing issues like a conventional mag), but haven't run a comparison.

It is supposed to work with an EI electronic tach, but I am still working to resolve that. The only time it is an issue is during a mag check: I get zero RPM displayed when switching to the SIM. Incidentally, the only time I can sense a drop in RPM is when switching to the remaining mag: the SIM runs smooth as silk when selected.
I have been fighting high oil temp problems that could be partially related to the SIM, but thanks to Richard Floyd's posting on "The Real Cause of high Oil Temps", I have solved this issue.

Lycoming has announced at Oshkosh that they are remarketing the SIM under their name "EIS".

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