A history ofDurban's Flying Boat Service lecture

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A history ofDurban's Flying Boat Service lecture

Unread post by Bleriot » Thu Jan 18, 2018 10:52 am

I found this notice in a shipping newsletter, could be very interesting:


The Port Natal (Durban) branch of The World Ship Society is holding its regular monthly meeting at the Royal Natal Yacht Club this coming Tuesday (23 January) during which Dr John Buchan of Durban will present his ‘A History of Durban’s Flying Boat Service’ – a subject in which he has been researching for many years and is an expert on the topic.

The World Ship Society asks that this be publicised and that visitors will be welcome. The meeting begins at 17h00 for 17h30, Tuesday 23 January at the Royal Natal Yacht Club on the Yacht Mole, Durban Harbour.
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Re: A history ofDurban's Flying Boat Service lecture

Unread post by happyskipper » Thu Jan 18, 2018 1:02 pm

Thanks for sharing that Bleriot. =D>
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Re: A history ofDurban's Flying Boat Service lecture

Unread post by gmowim@gmail.com » Sun Aug 12, 2018 5:06 pm

Is it possible for someone to send me contact details for Dr John Buchan?

My father Robert Wimshurst was the last UK Air Registration Board (ARB) employee based in Durban looking after the BOAC flying boats. He started in February 1946 and left in March 1947 just after the last flying boat, Caledonia left on 12.03.47. My godfather, Paul Whicher, was the ARB representative in Durban from early 1940 until my father replaced him in 1946. I would be interested to see if Dr Buchan has written a book about the flying boats in Durban and if he knows what the ARB actually undertook in Durban. I believe they also checked the certificate of airworthyness for the military RAF flying boats that used Durban during WW2 ?

Thanks and regards

Mark Wimshurst - Portsmouth UK
email gmowim@gmail.com

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