Varkfees 2019: 6-7 September (Heidelberg Gauteng - FAHG)

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Varkfees 2019: 6-7 September (Heidelberg Gauteng - FAHG)

Unread post by Kevin McCormack » Fri May 10, 2019 1:21 pm

Varkfees event will take place at FAHG airfield Friday 06th September and Saturday 07 September, and it is believed that the airfield will experience increased activity during the festival, however airfield will be open for normal operations except for times of specific aviation related events e.g. Aerobatic display (time TBA), skydivers (time TBA) plus some additional events. Helicopter flips will take place fairly regularly and the chopper will be using paved area adjacent to the fuel facility for passenger embarking / disembarking.

Please would any pilots interested in flying in for the festival ensure they check NOTAM's for updates / timing of aviation activities and be advised that standard unmanned arrival procedures are to be adhered to.

FAHG frequency: 125.90
FAHG elevation: 5120ft
FAHG runways: 06 / 24 (1.2km tar runway excl extensions)
Parking available on grass opposite fuel facility where tiedowns are set into ground. Please do not park in front of hangars or on taxiways.

Arrive overhead at 7200ft then descend on the inactive side of airfield for joining the standard left hand traffic pattern for whichever runway is in use. Circuit altitude 6100ft. Main windsock located near clubhouse buildings and secondary windsock located about 1/3 way along runway 06. Keep good lookout for chopper doing flips!!
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