Glider Duration

Our fun RC record attempts.

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Glider Duration

Unread post by rangs4africa » Mon Mar 15, 2010 7:50 pm

Hi everyone


Any glider may be used (Non motorised)
Must be off a flat field.
Launch off 300m winch line (F3J length) or
Hand launch (DLG)
Must land within a 50meter radius of launching area
Can have a refreshment break for 5 min's ever hour

Info to submit

Pilot -
Co Pilot -
Type of Glider used -
Field where flown -
Duration of flight -
Date -
Witnesses -

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Re: Glider Duration

Unread post by LionelBrink » Fri Apr 09, 2010 8:13 am

Hi Alan,

Here are some local RC glider records that have been ratified by the MGA:

Slope duration Geoff Brooke-Smith flew a glider for 11hr 32min off the southeast slope of Tygerberg, W Cape 1966

Longest thermal flight from a hand launch Andrew Lightfoot (SSC) flew an HLG Sunbird for 2hr 10min on Rondebosch Common 25th March 1990

Thermal Duration 3h 15m 30s Martyn Pullinger (ETB) 11 Mar 1995

Outright Duration 13h 59m 25s Andy Anderson /John Lightfoot (SSC) 10 Jan 1983

Straight Line Distance 31,0 km Chris Adrian (SGC) Jan 1998

Cross Country Circuit 44,5 km Charles Rudnick (PRF) 10 Dec 1985

Speed 231,7 km/h Chris Adrian (SGC) September 1996

F3B Distance 34 laps Craig Goodrum (RSA) August 2009, F3B World Championships (Czech Republic)

F3B Speed 14.2s Michelle Goodrum (RSA) August 2009, F3B World Championships (Czech Republic)

Lionel Brink
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Re: Glider Duration

Unread post by Salto » Sun Mar 13, 2011 11:58 pm

Duration records could easily be improved. ie 3hr something for thermal flight. I have done longer thermal flights than that flying a 2 channel Spirit 2m. Pity they were not claimed.:( I attempted a slope record going for 48hrs, but had trouble flying at night because fog came in and I lost all viz and reference to horison. Other than that I most likely would have done it. I was around 15 hrs when i aborted. Glider was a 3.8m scratch built and carried 2.5kg of dry cell batteries. Will be easy now with lipos and the fancy radios. Imagine what could be done with a transmitting vario etc.

Come on guys !!!!!!!!
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Re: Glider Duration

Unread post by cabeng » Mon Apr 11, 2011 1:40 pm

Cant be verified , beside take my word and that of my old mate Wayne upfold , in 1991 hand launched a gentle lady (around 2m wing span me thinks ) and flew for 2.5hrs (Both piloting, relay style) , came down because neck's were sore and started getting worried about the batteries! it was off the sports fields at "Leer gevegs skool" near postmasburg , during our army days in skylift!
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