Onex ($20K homebuild Aerobatic)

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Re: Onex ($20K homebuild Aerobatic)

Unread post by Rudix » Thu Aug 11, 2011 5:53 pm

RudiGreyling wrote:I thought I put this issue to bed, but low and behold email correspondence last week Thursday from Jeremy CEO from Sonex while I was at EAA Wings Park. It seems more than one customer is asking questions, he refers to customers walking up to their stall at Oshkosh. He is now back peddaling creating untruths around the issue to make them look good and me look bad.

I wanted to quote what he said, but decided against it, cause he has that legal slurp on the bottom of his emails that it can only be used by the addressee.

In short he accuses me of not taking up a offer at the time as eluded to above, that was never there, and accuses me of not having the funds, an insult to me. Then to top it off he now offers to work with us to order a Onex.

I decided I will only post my final response.
Rudi wrote:Jeremy, (CC Peter Lonie my build partner)

The bad publicity your company is getting is due to your own actions and rightfully so.

To make matters worse you invented 2 additional lies to try and salvage the situation:
1) By your own admittance, what I wrote on the South African Blog was correct, but you said I left out an important detail where you offered alternate payment dates and you said I declined it because I would lose my space in the queue. This is a lie and these offers and my decline was never done. You could not provide any proof of this offer or my decline when I challenged you about it, twice! So either you are lying or somebody at your company is lying to you.

2) You make out if we (Me and my partner) do not have the funds to pay for the kit. If you remember we offered to pay for the full kit way in advance of the shipping date via credit card to ensure the monies cleared and on top of it we offered to pay your credit card fees. The South African fraternity knows I own both a RV7 and RV10 valued at +/- $250,000 so not paying for a Onex @ $25,000 a tenth of the value is a laughable suggestion.

No Thank you, we will not be taking your offer to re-order a Onex. You have proven your company cannot be trusted with basic ethical values like the truth. So I do not want to subject myself to any future business dealings with such a company.

Luckily in the South African fraternity I managed to build an honest credibility so your lies affect little in my life, but it creates bad press for your own company. I am sure the South African Building fraternity would like to read about the latest installment.
There you have it, you are now well informed. Keep your wits about you.

Eish, and to think I considered ordering a kit and engine from these guys, thanks for exposing them Rudi =D> =D> If this is the way they operate you will only have problems in the future if you buy any of their products...

I won't even consider dealing with them in any way after this lot.....

Fly safe,

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