PPL and diabetes....

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PPL and diabetes....

Unread post by Anton durban » Mon Dec 20, 2010 12:49 am

Hi,I am a type 2 diabetic and have been the holder of a PPL for around 17 years.I recently allowed my licence to expire
And had cause to discuss renewal with a very helpful flight school operator,and local medical examiner.
In the course of our discussions, we concluded that as long as my condition remained under control and I did not become insulin dependant,I was a candidate for renewal of my licence....so good for me until the day that I take my first insulin injection ,and then bye bye pilots license........
The topic of licensing in other jurisdictions arose ,and it was interesting that in most parts of the world,the license criteria for insulin dependant diabetics had been significantly revised ,and in many instances ,significantly relaxed.,
We marvelled at how the SACAA were always ready to embrace additional regulatory changes (and charges!),and yet when concessions ,or advances were made in other jurisdictions (from which we traditionally take our lead in regulation)... We seem to adopt the most "verkrampt " position possible.Change it would seem is unthinkable...
Here is an interesting situation....a holder of an American PPL who is an insulin dependant diabetic can happily fly around
our beautiful country,while his Swaerie Joe Citizen,has had his licence "pulled"..... Your comments would be appreciated..........please don't hesitate to put me right if I have it all A---e about face.

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