Icarus - my medical journey

Medicine and other human performance related issues.

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Icarus - my medical journey

Unread post by nic2fly » Sat Jul 07, 2018 2:32 pm

Good Day
I would just like to share my frustration, don’t even know who or how to ask for help…

I had my PPL and was declared medically unfit around 2013, due to a “psychological” sickness.
I continued flying on the right-hand seat (not as pilot in command), purely for the love of flying, aviation and the hope to reclaim my medical back one day.

Around 2016, I tried again but was declared unfit by CAA medical panel, but did not lose any hope.
Last year I started the journey again, this time to find medical practitioners specializing in the aviation field
  • Phycologist
  • Psychiatrist
I made appointments and even went through intense examinations, 1.5 days of writing Neuropsychological tests, completing hamilton score sheets, interviews, discuss my medication etc
The feedback & reports from both of them, incl AME were very positive to continue flying. They advised I submit their reports to CAA panel. Now my hopes were High!

On November 2017 the reports got submitted. After multiple emails and phone calls, I got the result in March2018. The panel sits once a month, but I got mine 4months later… Then the big disappointment, someone sitting around the big table declared me unfit once again. How is that possible, did they even look at the sheets and sheets of reports I wondered…? After all the examinations, interviews and medical reports which turned out very positive and this is the outcome?

So I appealed in April this year, up till today after multiple phone calls & emails, still, CAA can’t provide an answer to the appeal outcome.

It’s frustrating that there is no transparency in the process or any feedback.

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Re: Icarus - my medical journey

Unread post by HansH2 » Sun Jul 08, 2018 5:49 pm

You are dealing with people who live on another planet. They are basically nobodies who have been given, not earned, authority to make any decision they wish to make, be it illogical or irrespective of whether they are right or wrong and do their best to misuse that authority simply because they can.
Good luck but don't expect much sympathy or cooperation from the SACAA medical types. Their mission is to obstruct not assist.

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