Can an Issued Medical certificate be amended?

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Can an Issued Medical certificate be amended?

Unread post by OkkieVermeulen » Mon Aug 26, 2019 4:11 pm

Hi Guys

Odd one here... any help would be greatly appreciated.

I recently went from flight medical. The doc misinterpreted the (very extensive) ophthalmology report and ended up issuing medicals with limitation "VML CORRECTION FOR DEFECTIVE DISTANT, INTERMEDIATE AND NEAR VISION".

This happened to both myself and another aviation friend at the same examiner. Neither of us have problems with our vision and neither of us wear glasses.

We subsequently went for alternative eye tests and results were written in different (old and plain 6/6) terminology and confirmed that neither of us need corrective glasses.

Is it possible for the doc to amend the medical certificate? How do we go about removing this limitation as surely it has an impact on insurance and liabilities in case of an incedent/accident.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Can an Issued Medical certificate be amended?

Unread post by Flymed » Tue Aug 27, 2019 8:18 am

Yes, he can. The process unfortunately is very cumbersome as the digital recording system does not allow any retrospective changes. He will need to write to SACAA AVMED division, explain the error and advise them of the amendment proposed. CAA will then open your file for him to alter the information and to submit it to them again. He can then give you a changed certificate (the old type and not the new type). This type mistake can happen because the metric system used by CAA instead of the international Snellen notation may cause translational errors.

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