Sling 2 pricing

The Airplane Factory, manufacturers of the Sling aircraft, a practical and desirable light sport aircraft (LSA)

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Sling 2 pricing

Unread post by warmi » Sun Apr 30, 2017 3:57 pm


I am having hard time finding any concrete info about Sling 2 pricing in SA ... Here in US , the very basic plane with 912 ULS starts at around $ 135 K which translates to about 1 800 000 R.
I have seen some numbers around 1.2 million R for a price of new Sling 2 in SA which would make US markup pretty high - just wondering if anyone has experience pricing a new Sling 2 recently and what were the numbers ?

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Re: Sling 2 pricing

Unread post by John Hilton » Thu Dec 14, 2017 9:50 pm

Have you contacted TAF, they'd be able to send you a price list in seconds.

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