Inspect and collect

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Inspect and collect

Unread post by marras007 » Thu May 23, 2019 11:33 am

If someone inspect and collect your model, make sure the buyer is happy with what he buys. I had an incident where the buyer inspected a heli, was happy with it, paid me for it, left with it and when he got home, send me a whattsapp that the tailboom was bend badly. Now my question is if you inspect it before buying, and you see the boom is bend, why pay for it, or tell me hey, the boom is bend. Now the good guy that I am, refunded him R500 for the bend boom.
I bought a big bargain about 2 weeks ago, 3 helis for R2000, with brand new sealed spares with a value of R3000 for the one heli. On recieving the helis, one of them had 2 stripped servos, but I didn't wet my panties because of it, or even told the seller about it, cause it stayed a bargain. My point is there are buyers out there, buying a big bargain, but will still try to milk you for their gain. If they inspect and pay, don't be nice like me, send them off with their tale between their legs
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