Warning - Electric motors & props !

Best practices and Useful tips and warnings that can save property, prevent injury and to keep our modelling safe.

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Warning - Electric motors & props !

Unread post by ballie » Sat Oct 10, 2015 2:16 pm

I was recently setting up a new scratch built plane with a Turnigy G46 electric motor on my workbench and had just attached the prop. I think this is a case for "RTFM" before connecting the prop, as the ESC manual states " Futaba motors usually start in reverse" ! Well I switched on the radio, connected the battery and after the initialising beeps etc. the motor came on at full revs and reversed into my left hand. Much blood snot en trane and a visit to the hospital for 2.5 hours of micro surgery and great cost to my medical aid.
I cannot tell you how much of a dickhead I feel ! Never again will I connect a prop to an electric without checking the motor direction and set up of the radio !
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Re: Warning - Electric motors & props !

Unread post by garymac » Sun Oct 11, 2015 6:23 pm

hi the problem with epower is one second the prop is standing still then next its flat tapes and when it hits some thing it does not stall and die like fuel motors it just keep going. Same happened to me so i make it a point to remove the prop or unplug at least 2 motor cables and if i want to do esc setup i unplug 1 motor cable that is if the esc does not sense that the cables are unplugged. Have fun play safe.
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Re: Warning - Electric motors & props !

Unread post by In The Haze » Mon Oct 12, 2015 11:02 am

Yes 2 things scare me big time, horses and electric motors with propellors attached............... 8-[
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Re: Warning - Electric motors & props !

Unread post by George.vdH » Wed Jan 06, 2016 12:04 pm

Friend of mine... 81 stitches! and it wasn't even a very big motor.
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Re: Warning - Electric motors & props !

Unread post by isoexcite » Tue May 17, 2016 8:29 pm

Yip, electrics, damn dangerous...always always treat them as "live" and ready to spin-up to full throttle...always take the prop
off before doing anything in the workshop...yes, easy to disconnect motor wires etc etc...but if one gets into the habit of always taking the prop off before you do anything (usually a quick and easy job), you never have to think...

Also, at clubs, always always treat that damn electric plane "parked there" as if it's live and about to jump out and bite you! I've seen
many-a-time a plane just startup for no reason and fly off into whatever is in it's way...cars...whatever.

It constantly amazes me how so many pilots out there treat their electrics as a bit of a toy compared to IC...and walk back to the pitt area with
everything still fully armed and then put the plane down, and turn off their TX, without even disconnecting the battery in the plane even! Then get involved in a chat with the "boys"...forgetting...it's real amateur behavior.

It annoys me no end!

And when you're carrying the damn thing out of the pitts down to the runway or wherever, don't carry the thing close to your chest or something where the prop can suddenly spin up and slice right through your heart potentially! (The number of times I see guys do this is also amazing, and it really pisses me off when I point this out to them and they get this strange look on their faces like I'm the idiot,
for pointing it out to them).


Golden rule is always : arm your aircraft at or near the runway (out of the pitt area <<moderated - language>>!), and de-arm the bloody thing properly before you pick it up and come back to the pitt area! NEVER carry the damn thing while it is live!

Rant over... ;)

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