From Germany to South Africa (and back) - your help please!

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From Germany to South Africa (and back) - your help please!

Unread post by Josh_Beech » Sun Feb 24, 2019 9:05 pm

Hello everybody and best greetings from Germany!

My wife and I will fly from early June 2019 to early/mid August 2019 from Germany down to Kruger and from there via Madagascar to Reunion, maybe Mauritius and on to Mayotte and Zanzibar.

The exact route:
Bielefeld - Croatia - Crete - Egypt - Sudan - Kenya - Mozambique - South Africa - La Reunion - Madagascar - Mauritius - Mayotte - Zanzibar - Sudan - Egypt - Greece - Slovenia - Bielefeld

If anyone is interested, we have a blog that we will fill with more details bit by bit. It is in German, but can also be translated into English with the google translation. Just use the Translate button:

So far we have flown with our Beech F33A mainly in Europe and now we have decided to travel to the wonderful African continent. It will be an absolute adventure, but we have decided to do it in order to get to know Africa better, perhaps to understand a little bit from a European point of view, even if only a little bit, what Africa is like. It is clear to us that every African country is different, and yet, we are so excited about this journey and I am very happy to have come across this forum.

It's still a little more than three months, we've been planning this trip for almost a year now. At first very rough, we are now slowly but surely in the detailed planning. And thus also in the flight planning. But before I ask you with questions and help, maybe some information that might interest you.

The Beech makes in about 150 kt TAS and will be equipped with an AUX tank. This will allow about 900 NM under IFR. Besides a Garmin Inreach, which will make Inflight-Weather possible, we will also carry a HF radio with us. We can fly IFR as well as VFR, but we would like to fly as much VFR as possible, if the weather allows it - more about that below.
Permission and avgas supply will be organized by a Permission Agent.

So far, so good. And yet, the more I deal with the details, the more question marks I get.
I would be very happy if you could help me prepare for flying in Africa. I have so many questions.

Maybe I can just ask a few?

- where do I get flying weather for Africa (Kenya, Mozambique, SA, Madagascar, Mauritius etc.)?
- how to file flight plans (VFR/IFR)
- which VFR rules have to be observed in the different countries?
- Which special features have to be observed?
- concretely: how do I fly IFR from Kenya to Mozambique? There is no Low Enroute Airway...
- how to fly from Mozambique to Madagascar? Can this be done VFR as well?
- what equipment/APPs should I have when flying in South East Africa?
- which weather phenomena have to be considered (ITCZ!)

I know the questions sound a bit stupid... from your point of view. In Europe I fly VFR and IFR all over, I know the peculiarities and challenges. Africa is unknown to me and I have a healthy respect and look forward to your help!

Beyond that I look forward of course also to tips from you, where we should fly in any case, where it is beautiful.

And finally I would be very happy if I might get to know one or the other of you personally!

Kind regards from Germany,

Nicole and Joscha
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Re: From Germany to South Africa (and back) - your help please!

Unread post by Dirty Harry » Mon Feb 25, 2019 9:04 am

I would recommend getting the book ‘Airfields of Southern Africa’. Very comprehensive, the most important is the AVGAS availability. This will be your biggest challenge, especially up north.
I would recommend you put your exact airports you intend using enroute on here, there are plenty pilots on Avcom that fly contract throughout Africa and can assist with more in depth airfield knowledge.

For weather I use the Windy app, Windguru and

For flights around Southern Africa I usually file with Johannesburg briefing - +27 860 359669/+27 860 2867 or fax +27 11 6071570
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