A321neo Reykjavik-Los Angeles 23/24 Jan

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A321neo Reykjavik-Los Angeles 23/24 Jan

Unread post by Coldsteel » Thu Jan 25, 2018 10:08 am

They are spoken of as airplanes that can change transatlantic traffic, mainly due to a much longer range than before. A321neo has a range that makes it possible to connect without stopping, for example, to Prague and New York. For many travelers, however, the idea of ​​a long flight on such a plane may be a nightmare.

Icelandic carrier WOW Air has been deploying narrow-band aircraft due to its location on Atlantic flights, but today it has first deployed A321neo for its flight from Reykjavik to Los Angeles, where it normally operates with Airbus A330. " It's probably the longest flight with A321 passengers in history, " said Flightradar24.com on his twitter account.

6,942 kilometers were mastered by A321neo in 8 hours and 40 minutes. The carrier uses A321neo across the Atlantic normally, but never flew for so long.
A321neo is supposed to be a plane that can fundamentally turn business long distance flights. Thanks to a longer range, carriers will also be able to deploy machines on routes where a bigger, larger-scale airplane is filling the problem. WOW Air's A321neo aircraft flew to Los Angeles in a configuration for 218 people in the economy class . Airbus offers the A321neo version for up to 240 people. The company boasts that the aircraft has wider, eighteen inch wide seats.

WOW Air is the first European operator of A321neo; Airbus has over 1500 orders on the plane.
Translated from http://zdopravy.cz/8-hodin-40-minut-ve- ... 1neo-7010/

With a filed route distance of about 3850 nm in both directions, they must have been seriously payload restricted (at least that means a more comfortable cabin for the passengers):


Does anyone know how many ACTs WOW has installed on their A321neo?

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