A340 (ORT)

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Re: A340 (ORT)

Unread post by evanb » Thu Apr 25, 2019 3:10 pm

Mark Lawrence wrote:
Thu Apr 25, 2019 2:42 pm
If there is no premium for the direct flights, then the airlines are just being plain greedy. For the 20+ years since I left SA, I have been flying back to visit family every 3 or so years. Every time I go to look at the fares for the direct flights as opposed to traveling through Europe or the Middle East, the fare difference is extraordinary. I have a son in school and so my travel times are not really flexible, and that is probably the reason for the differences in fares. The only two occasions where the direct flight prices matched were when I did have the flexibility of traveling in non-peak times and once Delta through Dakar and SAA from JFK did work for me. And when I say difference, I have seen anything from $400 to almost $1,000 in the difference between the direct flight and going through another location. When there are 3 of us traveling, that is a huge amount of money.
Apologies for being unclear. There is a clear and significant price premium in both business and economy class for direct and non-stop flights between the US and SA (compared to going through Europe or Middle East). The premium I was referring to is the premium for sales of flights ex-US versus ex-SA. There is a big price premium for business class ex-US versus ex-SA, however, this price premium disappears in economy class.

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