Andre Du Plooy - Warning

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Andre Du Plooy - Warning

Unread post by Pietb » Wed Mar 03, 2021 3:12 pm

Guys be careful if a certain "Andre Du Plooy" in the Eastern Cape contact you with an Airplane Tug he so called has available.
I saw an ad in the Personal Classifieds of someone who`s looking for a tug and I also replied that I`m looking for one.
He contacted me via cell phone with one on offer with photo`s attached and he sounded quite decent to me. We had a few chats that won my trust in him and then he offered to send it to me with "The Courier Guy" from PE after payment was made (I even paid for the Courier)
I immediately paid him for something I now know doesn`t even exist as I never heard of him again nor received anything!!
I was blocked on his phone after I decently asked him for my money back otherwise I had no choice as to open up a case with SAPS.
I need help and advice as to drive the culprit to the pen?
I do have his Banking detail as well as the Cell phone number for what its worth?
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Re: Andre Du Plooy - Warning

Unread post by Tomcat1 » Thu Mar 04, 2021 4:09 pm

Unfortunately, the cell no is probably a "Pay As You Go" so by now more than likely untraceable, as for the banking details, another MAYBE to trace him #-o There are just SO MANY SCAMMERS OUT THERE...we unfortunately live in a CRIMINAL world #-o :roll: :evil:
Hope you manage to trace this F%@K and BURY him :wink:
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Re: Andre Du Plooy - Warning

Unread post by Heineman » Mon Mar 08, 2021 2:46 pm

E wallet ????? #-o
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Re: Andre Du Plooy - Warning

Unread post by FHV » Thu Mar 11, 2021 1:35 am

So sorry to hear that you were taken by this scumbag. I was advertising a tug a few weeks ago and then had second thoughts and withdrew it and subsequently a couple of genuine AVCOM guys contacted me privately to make offers and I suggested they put WANTED ads on Avcom, I hope they didn't have the same experience.
That's the problem with WANTED ads, they often draw the cockroaches out because everyone can see the ad whether they're a genuine Avcommer or not and you get targetted - I speak from experience , having had Wanted ads out myself in the past.

Fortunately my simple yet effective vetting system worked everytime to weed out the scum. I will only deal with buyers and sellers who have a proven AVCOM record of posts and they must verify themselves with a PM through AVCOM, even if they made contact with me via cellphone/Whatsapp.

I know there have been isolated incidents of disputes over sales between Avcommers but by far the overwhelming majority on this forum are genuine
and honest buyers and sellers.

Once again sorry for your loss.

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