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Wynand Roos

Unread post by Whirly » Thu Dec 06, 2018 3:39 pm

Real Name: Wynand Roos
AvCom username(if was a member): Not a member as far as I know
Passed away date: 26 November 2018
Details of passing: Suffered a stroke.

Wynand had a hangar at Kitty Hawk a few years ago in which he kept his Hawk XP and Alo II. I sold him the Alo II and eventually bought it back from him again. I can't remember the registration of the XP but the Alo was ZU-RAJ. He was also a partner in a Cessna Caravan many years ago and loved aviation. He was a mechanical Engineer by trade and retired a number of years ago.

He had an engine failure in the XP and executed a forced landing during which the nose wheel broke off and the aircraft turned on its back. They all walked away.

RIP my friend. :cry:

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Re: Wynand Roos

Unread post by Cloudspeed » Sat Dec 08, 2018 2:58 pm

I first met Wynand in 2004 when he became a client of mine. We clicked immediately and our interest in flying opened many avenues of discussion, leading to an eventual friendship which lasted until the end. At the time I owned a C172 Skyhawk and Wynand and I flew it at Kitty Hawk on quite a few occasions. That lead to him making his Hawk XP (ZS-JXE) available to me to do a conversion in with Tony Smit, the only instructor he would trust to do so in his machine. Wynand was a highly intelligent person with an energy and enthusiasm that radiated into those around him. One felt instantly more positive about life in his company.

My first ever flight in an Alo II was from Kitty Hawk in Wynand's machine to fly out to Whirly's place. He knew I was also interested in helicopters and handed me control of the cyclic for long stretches on both legs. The invite to ride along was partially to introduce me to Whirly and also to show me his amazing collection of spares. There was born an enduring love for the Alo II and one which constantly reminds me of the special friendship with this tall, gentle giant. I started flying helicopters myself around then and thanks to Wynand, I've been magically drawn to the Alo II ever since. I still have only two Wynand's in my contact list and have the Louw and Roos switched around by a quirky mix-up 14 years ago.

Wynand's ability of emphatic statement and his comfortable grasp of advanced engineering matters were such that one always felt you were in the presence of an intellectual Grand Master. Despite this, he struggled with personal and business matters in the last years and while I suspect he had ample ability to rectify them, his priority to remain the Gentleman seemingly kept him on one knee, yet with his head held high.

I'll miss you Wynand and we'll have to take a rain check on that get-together.
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Re: Wynand Roos

Unread post by rvanzyl » Thu Dec 27, 2018 2:16 pm

Sad to hear.

Wynand was one on my varisty friends, but sadly lost contact through the years.

Recall his accident at the time. Probably the last time we spoke.

Condolences to family.

Rennie van Zyl

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