Canopies and Cowls


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Canopies and Cowls

Unread post by Hobbyland » Tue Nov 11, 2014 9:18 am

We have purchased over 300 moulds from Oom Herman of Klienmond. We are taking orders and you can either leave a message on our website or call the shop on 028 3122762 to place an order. Below please find a list of moulds available for production:

Ace 9901A Canopy
Ace 99018 Cowl
Acromaster 1/4 9145 Canopy
Acromaster 60 9144A Canopy
Acromaster 60 91448 Cowl
Acrowatt 9195 Cowl
Aeronca Champion 93458 Cowl Model Hob
Aeronca Champion 9345H Screen Model Hob
Aquarius 9902 Canopy A van Wyk
ASW 19 311 Canopy Graupner
ASW 19 9903 Canopy Bert
ASW 22 9204 Canopy Graupner
Bearcat 9155 Canopy Topflite
Bearcat 9324 Canopy Nick Zeroli
Beaver 317 Cowl Global Kits
Bell 212 9904 Windows Graupner
Bobcat 9162 Canopv Zimbabwe M.P.
Bucker Jungmeister 307 Cowl Goldbera
Cap 21 9113A Canopy Zimbabwe M.P.
Cap 21 91138 Cowl RCM&E
Cap 21 1/4 Scale 9149A Canopy Zimbabwe M.P.
Cap 21 1/4 Scale 91498 Cowl Zimbabwe M.P.
Cap 21 1/3 Scale 9150 Canopy Zimbabwe M.P.
Cap 230 (40) 9905 Canopy Zimbabwe M.P.
Cap 231 9347 Canopy Zimbabwe M.P.
Cessna 120 91658 Cowl 8rain Taylor
Cessna 120 9165G Side Window 8rain Taylor
Cessna 120 9165H Front Window Brain Tavlor
Cessna 172 9907 Screen Chris Sweatman
Cessna 172 91228 Cowl Sia
Cessna 172 91220 Wheel Spats SiQ
Cessna 172 9122H Front Window SiQ
Cessna 172 9122J Rear Window Siq
Cessna 172 9122K Ribs for E & A Sia
Cessna 182 9349 Canopy Pica
Cessna Skymaster 9316 Front Window Marutaka
Champion 45L 9325 Cowl Thunder Tiger
Charly 9156A Canopy Wik Models
Charly 91568 Cowl Wik Models
Cherokee Archer 9194 Cowl
Chipmunk 9108 Cano...QY. Zimbabwe M.P.
Chipmunk 64 " 9101A Canopy Goidbera
Extra 300 9167 Canopy Zimbabwe M.P.
Extra 300 9908 Canopy Midwest
Extra 300 1/3 Scale 9154 CanaDY Zimbabwe M.P.
Extra 300 68 " 9159A CanaDY Goldberq
Extra 300 68 " 9159B Cowl Goldbera
Extra 300 68 " 9159C Cockpit Detail Goldberq
Extra 300 68 " 91590 Wheel Spats Goldbera
Extra 300 S 9909 CaQ2P3 Ohio
F14 9332 Canopy Great Planes
F15 9351 Canopy Great Planes
F15 9328A Canopy Marutaka
F15 9328 Fuse/aae Top Marutaka
F15 9132 Canopy Avonds
F15 9137 Canopy John Flack
F16 9128A Canopy Byron
F16 9128C Cockpit Detail Byron
F80 9123A Canopy Bob Violet
F80 9123C Cockpit Detail Bob Violet
F80 9123L Front & Back Seat Bob Violet
Fame 326 Canopy
Fantangu 318 Canopy
Fantrainer 9303 Canopy RFB
Fantrainer 9339 Canopy RCM&E
Faze 3 9168 Canopy President
Finesse 310 Canopy
Fireball 9173A Canopy Zimbabwe M.P.
Fireball 9173B Cowl Zimbabwe M.P.
Focke Wulf 190 09 9183A Canopy Pica
Focke Wulf 190 09 9183B Cowl Pica
Focke Wulf 190A 9121 Canopy Brian Taylor
Focke Wulf 09 0322A Canopy
Focke Wulf 09 3228 Cowl
Focke Wulf 190 9138 Canopy Top Kit
Fox 332 Canopy
Fox 332 Cockpit Detail
Freedom 20 55 1/2 " 9179B Cowl Goldbera
Freedom 20 55 1 /2 " 9179D Wheel Spats Goldbera
Fw 190 09 9139 Canopy Great Planes
Gator Flea 9162 Canopy Zimbabwe M.P.
Gloster 323 Canopy Boet Denyschen
Goodman Special 9177A Canopy
Goodman Special 9177B Cowl
Harvard 9120 Canopy Marutaka
Harvard 9323 Canopy Nick Ziroli
Harvard 9912 Cowl Brian Taylor
Hawk 9313 Canopy Fan Jets
Hawk 9314 Canopy Thorpe. Zimbabwe M.P.
Hawker Hunter 9140 Canopy Ross Leighton
Hornet 9170 Canopy Cloud Models
Hurricane 88 " 9309 Canopy D. Boddinaton
Impala 9163 Canopy AB. Models
Impal? 9163 Cowl AB. Models
Impala 9163 Cockpit Detail AB. Models
Impala 9163 In!ets (6) AB. Models
Impala 9163 TIp Tanks AB. Models
Impala 330 Canopy
Jam 9141 Cowl Fun Fly
Jabiro SP4 9142 Windows
J.R. Tiger 56 " 9102A Canopy Goldberq
Kaos 40 9160 Canopy Great Planes
Katana 9308 Canopy Zimbabwe M.P.
Kfir 9302 Canopy Jet Hanqer Hobbies
King Cobra 9192 Canopy Sia
Kitfox 9304B Cowl CSM
Kitfox 9304E Winq Tips CSM
Klemn 1/4 Scale 9181 Cowl
Klemn 25 9182 Cowl RCM&E
Laser 9180A Canopy Zimbabwe M.P.
Laser 91800 Wheel Spats Zimbabwe M.P.
Maverick 9329 Canopy Bob Violet
MBB105 9914 Canopy Wik
Messerschmitt 9164 Canopy Pica
Midget Mustang 1/4 Scale 9147 Canopy Chris Sweatman
Mig 9334 Canopy Byron
Mirage 3 9174 Canopy Tom COOk
Mirage 550 9169A Canopy Goldbera
Mirage 550 9169B CO\NI Goldbera
Mirage F1 329 Canopy HP Jets
Mirage F1 9315 CCl..r~Opy Thorpe
Monocoupe 9176 Cowl Front
Monsun 9175 Canopy Graupner
Mosquito 9193A Canopy Brian Taylor
Mosquito 9193B Nose Cone 320mm Brian Taylor
Mustang 9301 Canopy Bud Nosen
Mustang 9916 Canopy Marutaka
Mustang 9324A Canopy Siq
Mustang 9324B Cowl Sia
Mustang1/6 9143 Canopy Pica
Mustang 19178 Cowl World Models
Mustang 9335A Canopy Byron
Mustang 9335C Cockpit Detail Byron
Mustang - Miss America 9126A Canopy Kyosho
Mustang - Miss America 91268 Cowl Kyosho
Mustang - Razorback 9125 Canopy Roiair
Mustang P51 0 9348A Canopy Topflite
Mustang P51 0 9348B Lower ·::owl Topflite
Nova 2000 9212 CanaDY Zimbabwe M.P.
P38 Lightning 9119 CanaDY Marutaka
P40 Warhawk 9198 Cano::,~ Nick ZerolL ZlInbabwe M.P.
P47 Thunderbolt 9199 Canoov Zimbabwe M.P.
P51 Mustang 9917 Canopy Cambria
Pampa 9918 Canopy Redell
Phantom 9187 Conopy __ Tom Cook
Phoenix II 9211 Canopy CSM
Pilatus 84 312 Canopy Glico
Piper Cherokee 9196 Cowl
Piper Cherokee 0306A Canopy Midwest
Piper Cherokee 0306B Cowl Midwest
Piper Cherokee (40) 315 Canopy
Piper Cub 303 Canopy Great Planes
Piper Cub Anniversary 9103A Canopy Goldberq
Piper Cub Anniyersary 9103B Cowl Goldberq
Piper Cub Anniversary 9103F Dummy Enqine Goldberq
Piper Cub Anniversary 9103G Side Windows Goldberq
Piper Cub Electra 9327 Cowl Great Planes
Piper Cub J3 9124B Cowl Siq
Piper Cub J3 1/4 Scale 9152B Cowl Pilot
Piper Cub J3 1/4 Scale 9152F Dummy Enqine Pilot
Piper Super Cub ' 0303 Cowl IZM
Piper Tri Pacer 1/3 Scale 314 Canopy
Pitts Special 9310
Pitts Special SIA 1/3 Scale 9130 Canopy T ower Hobbies
Pober Pixie 328 Cowl Chris Sweatman
PT 19 9191 Canopy Sterlina
PT191/4Scale 9321A Canopy Pilot
PT 19 1/4 Scale 9321B Cowl Pilot
PT191/4Scale 9321C Oleo Covers Pilot
Robin 1/4 Scale 9311 Canopy Graupner
Saab Viggen 9326 Canopy Chriss Foss
Sabre 330 Canopy HP Jets
Sabre 9133A Canopy RCM&E
Sabre 9322 Canopy AB Model~
Sabre 9322 Cockpit Detail AB Models
Sabre 9189A Canopy Jet Hanaer Hobbies
Sabre 9920A Canopy Boet
Sabre 9920C Cockpit Detail Boet
Sabre 9930A Canopy Bob Violet
Sabre 9930C Cockpit Detail Bob Violet
Saphir 9340A Canopy Marne Nortier
Saphir 9340B Cowl Marne Nortier
Scorpio 0321A Canopy AMD
Scorpio 0321C Cockpit Detail AMD
SF 36 9203 Cowl Robbe
Shadow 9341A Canopy Flitecraft
Shadow 9341B Cowl Flitecraft
Shadow 9341D Wheel Spats Flitecraft
Shadow 9341E Wirq Tips Flitecraft
Skybolt 9172 Cowl Siq
Skyhawk A4 9185 Canopy Bob Violet
Skylark 9104A Canopy Goldbera
Skylark 9104C Cockpit Detail Goldbera
Skytiger 2 " 9928 Canopy Goldbera
Skytiger 63 " 9148 Canopy Goldbera
Sly Cat 9127 Canopy Swenson
Something Extra 9350 Canopy
Sophisticated lady 9202A CanoDV Goldbera
Sophisticated Lady 9202C Cockpit Detail Goldbera
Sparrow 320 Canopy AMD
Spectra 9205 Canopy Trim Aircraft
Spectre 9330 Canopy Boet
Speedstar 9207 Canopy
Spitfire 9115 Canopy Brian Taylor
Spitfire 2 MK8 9116 Canopy Marutaka
Spitfire 3 9117 Canopy
Spitfire 4 9118 Canopy Pica
Spitfire IV 324 Canopy Jim Meister
Spitfire IX (88) " 0325A Canopy Pica
Spitfire IX (88) " 0325B Cowl Pica
Spitfire MK24 9342 Canopy Yellow Aircraft
Sportster 40 9307 Canopy Great Planes
Starfighter 9318A Canopy Thorpe
Starfighter 9318P Droptanks Thome
Starlet 9136 Cowl Side Cheeks Graupner
Stormer 9166 Cowl Zimbabwe M.P.
Stuka 9352 Canopy
Sukoi 9114 Canopy Zimbabwe M.P.
Sukoi 9336 Canopy Midwest
Sukoi 9336 Cowl Midwest
Sukoi 9353A Canopy Goldbero
Sukoi 9353B Cowl Goldbera
Sukoi 9353S Bottom Tray Goldber!J
Sukoi 1/4 Scale 9197 Canopy Zimbabwe M.P.
Summit 9322 CanoPY' Zimbabwe M.P.
Super Cub 304 Cowl IZM
Super Decathalon 9923B Cowl Great Planes
Super Decathalon 9923H Screen Great Planes
Super Tauri 9131 Canopy Top Flite
Swift Sl A 9904 Canopy Graupner
T288 9171A Canopy Pica
T288 9171B Cowl Pica
T34 Mentor 9306 Cow! Pica
Thong 319 Elec Corw (Pod Cover)
Thunder Bolt/Bubble 9105 Canopy Topflite
Thunder Bolt/Razorback 9106 Canopy Brian Taylor
Tiger Moth 9906 Cowl GWS
Tiger Moth 327 Cowl Pilot
Tiger Moth 1/4 Scale 9320 Cowi Pilot
Tiger Shark 9331A Canopy

Please note that you need to phone or PM to check availability.
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Re: Canopies and Cowls

Unread post by Bruno » Sat Apr 04, 2015 5:07 am


Looking at your hugh selection of canopies and cowls.
There wouldn't be any of the Zimbabwe kits still around?
Like the Laser 200

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Re: Canopies and Cowls

Unread post by Aresti' » Fri Apr 24, 2015 10:03 am

Hi Bruno,

I don't know of any Zim kits are avail at the moment but will keep my eyes open. I do have a complete built 60 size Zim Dalotel with retracts but thats about it reg Zim planes.

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Re: Canopies and Cowls

Unread post by Heineman » Sat May 30, 2015 3:48 pm


Looking for a Cap 10 Canopy do you know of anything close I will modify

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Re: Canopies and Cowls

Unread post by Aresti' » Thu Jul 02, 2015 4:20 pm

Hi. What size CAP are we talking?
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Re: Canopies and Cowls

Unread post by Excell » Fri Jan 08, 2016 6:51 pm

Good day, I wish to place an order for the BVM Maverick Canopy and would appreciate a quote per unit incl postage to the Vredenburg,7385.
Kind regards
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Re: Canopies and Cowls - Pober Pixie 328 Cowl Chris Sweatman

Unread post by Mark356 » Sun Jan 15, 2017 7:17 pm

Hi folks
I am looking for the above mentioned cowl, do you perhaps have a made up unit, or can I order 1 including postage to JHB.

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Re: Canopies and Cowls

Unread post by chrmchris » Thu Nov 30, 2017 9:35 pm

Hi im interested for saphir I (1989-1991)0.60 2stroke COWLING is it possible to find?or send me someone the plan to make one?

Thnx in advance
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Re: Canopies and Cowls

Unread post by Airgrob » Thu Dec 14, 2017 8:58 pm

I doubt if Hobbyland have the expertise manufacturing any cowl or canopy on the above mentioned list.After numerous unsuccessful attempts and phone calls to order a Chris Sweetman quarter scale 172 windscreen advertised. I finally gave up trying and will make alternate plans :( :(.
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