New DA for FALE ILS Y Rwy 24

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New DA for FALE ILS Y Rwy 24

Unread post by Prop Job » Sun Oct 30, 2016 10:10 am

Good day,

They recently updated the ILS plates for FALE to include CAT II operations. Problem is the new DAs are very different from before.
For example:

Old DAs
LOC 2.5% - 1310'
ILS 2.5% - 1133'
ILS 3.4% - 518'

New DAs
LOC 2.5% - 940'
ILS 2.5% - 1047'
ILS 3.5% - 785'

I can't see any new terrain or other change in procedure that would explain the increased decision altitudes. A 0.1% increase in go-around gradient is certainly not going to cause it. Anybody have any ideas?

A DA of 484' AGL is going to cause problems for non-CAT II operators into FALE without a doubt.



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