Revmaster engine for the Cubby

A 75% replica of the original J-3 Piper cub.

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Revmaster engine for the Cubby

Unread post by Jean Crous » Wed Sep 17, 2014 7:19 pm

I want to set some folks at ease as to the performance of the Revmaster R2300 engine. In my Bushbaby I have a Revmaster R2300 with a P-Prop, the Bushbaby weighs empty 327 kg, with two occupants combined weight of 180 kg, 60 litres of fuel, from an elevation of 900ft ASL , at 23 deg Cel the climb at 75 mph is 800ft/p minute. Straight and level full power 115mph.
With one person , same day, same conditions the climb at 70mph was 1200ft/p minute. Straight and level full power at 3120 rpm is 120 mph, at 2600 rpm 100mph, and at 2400 rpm 85 mph.
This engine is a good 20kg lighter than the VW.
I hope this clears up some "worries" for the uninformed folks :mrgreen: :mrgreen: And the price of course is the other attraction.

PS: what I did forget to mention, my Bushbaby has a "clipped" wing , overall 700mm shorter span than the standard wing. I guess the standard wing will perform even better with a full load.
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