pitot static requirement

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pitot static requirement

Unread post by robkkbke » Sun Sep 27, 2015 8:48 am

RAASA declined my AtF application and wanted me to confirm that we had done a 'Pitot static pressure system test' of which further detail is given in CATS
With my Cubby that is impossible. I do not have a static system. The alti has not even a hose connection but takes its airpressure from just behind the instrument. The speedo has a static tube connection but only a short piece of tube with some cotton wool at the end against insect ingress so also takes pressure from just behind the panel.
If the bureaucrat's want me to change to a proper system than that means that I am modifying something approved by the factory originally and that needs mod approval. A lengthy and expensive process. I do not see the need to change, all works well and to my and my AP's approval. What has to change is the bureaucrat's approach.
Anybody else had this problem?
I intend to approach RAASA with a proposal that all Cubby's should get exemption from this requirement. Same story applies to the Bat Hawk and weight shift microlights.
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Re: pitot static requirement

Unread post by HansH2 » Sun Sep 27, 2015 7:29 pm

Suggest you contact MISASA, after all you have to be a member and pay annual subs, so let them find out what this bull is all about.
Had my ATF renewed last month with no problems.

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