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BOLT (formerly taxify)

Unread post by jprous » Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:43 pm

Dear Aviators,

One of the biggest head-aches for GA opportunists, like myself, is the issue around transport at the destination. South Africa is not the best equipped with public transport, apart from our mini-bus taxi system (which I am to dumb to understand, and to scared to use).

So I thought UBER would solve this problem instantly, only to have discovered that UBER is not so widely operational as us GA pilots would like. I operate from Wonderboom, so transport in Gauteng is not so much an issue as I would drive to the airport in my own car and lock it up in the hangar.

Anyone operating from a remote field flying into Gauteng (or Durban or PE or Cape Town) is much more fortunate as these cities now have well-established UBER serivces.

However, there is good news! For us city boys flying to smaller towns, there is BOLT (formerly taxify). I used it on Monday when I travelled with the TB-10 to Potchefstroom for a hospital site inspection! I can honestly say that the experience was just as good as UBER, and I found the drivers and their vehicles just a friendly and on descent standard. Best is, there are fantastic discounts for new users, so I got away for less than R100 return roaming around Potch!

Thanks to my two drivers, Lesly and Emmanuel, you guys were very professional and lightning fast to arrive - I hope your business ventures turn out well! Emmanual was not aware that there is an airport at Potch, and although I had to admit that there are not schedule flights, I knew there are many of you guys flying into Potch often who will be looking for a ride!

Please support these people - if they don't get business the initiative will fail! And really, paying a 100 bucks to roam around a town is a bargain - especially when you compare to your landing fee and AVGAS costs!

I hope they will be adding more towns. Mahikeng, Tzaneen, Hoedspruit, Upington perhaps??

Please check out their website and download the app on your phone!

I had a peep on BOLT's website, and the number of cities/towns participating is quite impressive:
Cape Town
East London
Garden Route
Port Elizabeth

Support these guys, the more business they get the more smaller towns will join, the more we can boost some of those economies into gear again!

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Re: BOLT (formerly taxify)

Unread post by Deanw » Wed Aug 14, 2019 2:15 pm

Bolt has been around for a long time. You'll find many drivers drive for both Uber and Bolt. Often, they start out on Bolt as it is far quicker to join Bolt whilst they wait for Uber to approve their application (which can take a long time).

I generally find Bolt to be cheaper than Uber, but Uber provides their drivers with more benefits.
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