Energy crises - Pick your poison

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Marius Schrenk
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10000 and still climbing
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Re: Energy crises - Pick your poison

Unread post by Marius Schrenk » Mon Oct 07, 2019 2:46 pm

I do not know what is new here by the way. We farmers have been paying .Service& Admin @ R25.2/day (R760/m)Network capacity Charge R46.45/day (R1395.5/m) Ancillary ??? Charge @ R.0044/ all in all a "dead" transformer cost us at least +- R2200/m. Even farmers can make the calculation how long it would take you to pay off R100 000 worth of batteries at R26400/year.....and you can write off the total price of the batteries against tax in the first year.(which mean you do not need to charge yourselves interest) Granted you would replace the batteries after 7 years.BUT YOU WOULD NEVER AGAIN HAVE LOAD SHITTING. :twisted: #-o
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Re: Energy crises - Pick your poison

Unread post by excolonial » Mon Oct 07, 2019 2:50 pm

I strongly suggest you guys all get the "Zimbabwean package". Borehole, osmotic filter, solar panels and geyser(black pipes on roof), plus inverter, plus battery bank, plus generator. If you are feeling a bit doom and gloom, then bulk fuel, mass water storage.

My mates SA neighbours used to complain about his generator noise(can't blame them, I want to take a hammer to my own one sometimes), now they all have one.
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