Peanut allergy

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Peanut allergy

Unread post by sephbey »

Good day everyone, so i need to go for my medical so i can begin my cabin crew training program, but i have a small issue that is bothering me a little bit. So from a young age i was diagnosed with severe peanut allergy, my count is over a 100 and it keeps getting to my head that i won't make my medical because of it, i don't get any reaction unless i eat or swallow peanuts itself.

If anyone has knowledge and that will be able to assist me weather it would be a genuine issue i would appreciate it alot as i honestly don't know much of what the medical covers. Thank you in advance.
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Re: Peanut allergy

Unread post by Kootenayflyer »

SEVERE peanut allergy you say. This means if you get exposed, you get an anaphylactic reaction and could easily die. After each exposure, the risk increases.

Now you are in a confined space in the middle Atlantic with hundreds passengers around you eating and munching whatever they can grab. You also eat food provided by the airline chefs. What would happen should you then get exposed, in the middle of the Atlantic. Some people get triggered even by the smell of the allergen. It is not because it has not happen that it will not happen.

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Re: Peanut allergy

Unread post by Fransw »

Ask the Peanut Gallery... :D
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