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Colin Jordaan
Pre-take off checks
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Unread post by Colin Jordaan »

Dear fellow aviators
I am coming to the end of my contract at the CAA and will be returning to SAA in the New Year.
Thank you for all of your queries. I hope that this open forum has been of some value to the flying community.
I will be closing the Open Door now, but I encourage you to continue making use of the CAA General Questions Forum if you need assistance.
Mary Stephens has been doing a great job of answering your queries and I am sure will continue to do so in the future.
Mr Zakhele (Gilbert) Thwala will be taking over as the Acting Director of Civil Aviation for a period of 3 months until the position is filled permanently.
May I wish him and all of you the best of luck going forward.
Best regards
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Fife Thousand feet
Fife Thousand feet
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Re: Farewell

Unread post by 87Juliet »

Thanks Colin, happy landings back at SAA!
Jacques Taljard: Zero-Ate-Two Niner-4-Wun Seven-Zero-Sex-Too
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Re: Farewell

Unread post by George »

=D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> Well done....

Look forward to seeing you at PTAR in 2011....
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10000 and still climbing
10000 and still climbing
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Re: Farewell

Unread post by Whirly »

Thanks for everything! =D> You might not be aware of it but you did a heck of a lot for me just after you joined CAA and for that I thank you.

(Wynand Louw).
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Too Tousand
Too Tousand
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Re: Farewell

Unread post by kosie »

We at AOPA would like to thank you for the courteous and civil manner in which you handled our enquiries, complaints and yes, differences. We wish you the very best for your new (old) career path and a well earned rest period over the festive season.
Koos Marais
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8000 Tousand
8000 Tousand
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Re: Farewell

Unread post by Roger »

Moved to General as CAA open door forum is locked for now. We hope the new person will agree to continue the interaction with our community.
Don’t take things for granted… Tomorrow is not promised.
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Rob K
Too Tousand
Too Tousand
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Re: Farewell

Unread post by Rob K »

Copied from another thread...

I would like to say a big thank you to Colin Jordaan for his contribution to SA aviation during his tenure as Commissioner.

He had an incredibly difficult task which he carried out with integrity and applomb.

We will miss him and hope the his successor does rise to the occasion and stature.

For me, one of Colin's greatest achievements was the installation of RAASA which I think us NTCA types will forever cherish.

Thank you Colin.

All the best in your future endeavours.

Rob Kennedy
Too Tousand
Too Tousand
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Re: Farewell

Unread post by bullet »

Thank you for the excellent job that you did as head of SACAA,Colin.
Your departure is a sad day for GA in South Africa.
I wish you only the best for your future.
Blue Skies !
Life is too short for cheap wine or slow cars.
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1k poster
1k poster
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Re: Farewell

Unread post by bluesmancoops »

All the very best Colin
Mike Cooper
Strong like a squirrel
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Too Tousand
Too Tousand
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Re: Farewell

Unread post by goga »

Go well and give it hell Colin.Caa will need U again soon
Proper-previous- planning-prevents-piss-poor-performance
Derek Hopkins
Jean Crous
Fower Tousand
Fower Tousand
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Re: Farewell

Unread post by Jean Crous »

Colin , we met briefly when you visited Swellendam, I would also like to thank you for what you have done for GA , it was not always an easy task :roll: :roll:
Best regards
Jean Crous
Cubby Aircraft Factory.
Suppliers of Nitrate, Butyrate, Adhesive, Fabric.
Rotax iRMT certificate holder.
Cell : 072 6716 240
SACAA Approved Person 402
Email: cubbyaircraftfactory@gmail.com
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Re: Farewell

Unread post by IKTAV »

You certainly made the CAA a better place Colin. For that we thank you. I just hope the next guy doesn't drop the ball.
To the next guy: It's not about politics. It's not about BEE. It's not about feathering your own nest. It's not about pushing hidden agendas. IT'S ABOUT DOING WHAT'S GOOD FOR THE INDUSTRY!!!
Keep that in mind and you'll have everyones support.
You wont have all the answers, but there is a wealth of experience to help you. I wish you the wisdom to draw on it.
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Re: Farewell

Unread post by Boet »

THANK YOU Colin, for all you have done for NTCA. All the best with your Career. Happy festive season to you and your family. =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>
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Tree Tousand
Tree Tousand
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Re: Farewell

Unread post by apollo11 »

Thank you for all your amazing assistance and actually listening to the industry, I thought especially good the way you expedited the RAASA launch and part 62, was great work...

All the best for your next venture...
Straighten up and fly right!
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10000 and still climbing
10000 and still climbing
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Re: Farewell

Unread post by Mauler »

Dear Colin

I'd like to take this opportunity to second Kosie's sentiments and wish you the very best for the future.

Your tenure as Commissioner/CEO and Director has been during very formative times for our still young and developing democracy. Your efforts, notwithstanding that there have been differences, are appreciated and I hope to continue to be a part of upholding your positive legacy to aviation in South Africa.

Chris Martinus

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