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Peter Connan
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Unread post by Peter Connan » Wed Oct 15, 2014 8:24 pm

At the float-fly held in Springs last weekend, there was only one "real" crash.

The plane in question was flying quite nicely until suddenly something went audibly wrong. It became uncontrollable and hit the ground about 3m from some kids fishing from the shore of the dam.

This is what I think happened:

This picture was taken during this plane's previous flight:
A large sticker on the wing tore loose. Fortunately, it did not really seem to make much difference to the plane's flight.

But on the second flight, another sticker came loose:
Zooming in:
I think this sticker peeled back and buggered the elevator control...

I may be wrong here, but I just think this is something wort looking out for.
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Tree Tousand
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Re: Stickers...

Unread post by danie.e » Tue Oct 21, 2014 10:25 am

With the covering coming loose during the flight, it should have been taken home for normal and proper maintenance. It can be clearly seen on the first photo that the covering on the elevator was coming loose as well. The owner should either have peeled off that part of the covering or he should not have flown the model again.
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Re: Stickers...

Unread post by julway » Fri Jan 16, 2015 3:03 pm

Hi All.
I used to do most of the maidens at our club for the local gents. I was asked to do a test flight on a extra 300 .120 size, I did the standard maiden full check on the plane, we ran a 1/2 tank through it, ( motor was not new and well know as reliable.)
I took of and checked the trims etc. inverted, knife edge, dive, climb.
Anyway all went OK, I handed over to the owner and watched the rest of a very lazy and relaxed flight at the end I landed for him and we did a post flight check. This showed nothing out of the ordinary. ( I even did the shake test to check nothing was rattling around out of sight.
The owner fueled up and I took off again for him, as I was about to hand over there was a big bang and parts flew off the plane, I though it was a midair with a bird that's how violent it was, I just managed to put the plane down without further damage. ( pucker factor was very high.)
The problem turned out to be the balsa laminated onto the top of foam wing had almost NO glue on it, basically being held on by the covering where they overlap.

Now I make sure everyone is aware when there is a maiden taking place.

A friend who had a problem with covering and ignored it on one of his speed ships, had the covering come off the wing and jam the aileron and elevator.
To this day, I don't know how it went though the flight line and car park without hitting someone or something.

I have seen some incidents where they could have been avoided if the common sense rule was used.

The more common sense used, the less common the accidents.

My 2 Cents. enjoy the weekend.
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