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D-motor as replacement for Jabbis

The Jabiru Engine which is used in many other aircraft.

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D-motor as replacement for Jabbis

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...just got these two clips, looks to be LSA only :(


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Re: D-motor as replacement for Jabbis

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I have always liked the looks of this engine, but have never trusted the company. A look at the latest website shows that at least they have removed various outright lies, and a number of inaccuracies - so maybe they are cleaning up their act a bit. Still would not consider it until there is some significant fleet time with end user feedback available.

Technically, the only real drawback to the engine is inherent in the flathead design - optimum economy occurs at an RPM too low to be achieved without a variable pitch prop. But even with a fixed prop, you are not that far off the best economy that it will really be a train smash.
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