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Scammer alert

Your good and bad experiences with online community trading.

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Re: Scammer alert

Unread post by Tallies »

Marc G wrote: Mon Sep 11, 2023 4:09 pm Hi all,

Same guy tried to scam me. He contacted me on Avcom first with name Erasmusbk claiming to have a Microair Transponder that I was looking for. Then sent me a WhatsApp (074 621 2485) and claimed to be Neil Thomas. He sent me a few pictures of a Microair unboxed. I then asked him for a price and a video chat to confirm it was legit. The banking details he sent were edited, and the name was for Mr AN van Rooyen. He delayed the video chat until the next day (it was late, so I thought he might be in bed).

He then sent me a video the next afternoon with his voice showing a Microair Transponder. The video looked suspicious (as did the bank details), so I googled Microair, and low and behold... An Aussie YouTube review of the Microair with same video.

Screenshot attached.

I didn't know how to report this a#*hole.

Be careful.


Best to copy number and put it into True Caller. He goes by another name on True Caller.
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Re: Scammer alert

Unread post by Roger »

Jayson v Schalkwyk wrote: Mon Sep 11, 2023 9:15 pm Gents,

I wad recently on a different forum website based in SA and saw what I think is a good idea related to the classified section.

On said forum, you are not allowed to post in the classifies untill you have made at least 50 posts across the forum.

This is the type of thing that could be developed here on avcom, maybe increase the number of posts to 100 before said .ember can post an advert.
This was a guy who responded to a Wanted advert via PM - ie the scammer did not post it. So, no number of posts would have prevented this situation from occurring.
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Re: Scammer alert

Unread post by Bernhardtq200 »

Hi Everyone

I've been a member of this forum since 2018, almost never post anything, but at the same time try never to miss anything, and in doing so I have realised something about these scammers we are tormented with. We see these warnings, and heads-up posts too often. Remember they do not have to be members to see the classifieds, and 9 out of 10 times the people who get scammed are members in good faith reaching out to other members with a "wanted", or "looking for" whatever post. Which is seen buy the scamming @ssh0l3s who contacts you saying he saw your add on avcom (creating a bit of comfort), and he has exactly what you are looking for....you are so happy about "finding" what you were looking for that your guard is compromised, and then the scamming starts. So my 2cents would be if you advertised that you are looking for something, you are vulnerable.... be very careful!!! I a seller doesn't have 5 minutes for chit-chat like where do you fly from? ...Oh, do you know so and so from that airfield? You will know within the first 2-minutes if this person is from "Our world" and if he even knows what he is selling.
Make a friend before you make a deal.

If this post helps just one person in our aviation world from getting a raw deal, I will be proud for posting it. :D
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Re: Scammer alert

Unread post by chloroformaa »

boobi wrote: Sun Sep 10, 2023 11:04 am That I have realized now, he got my number on avcom🤷it's just to give the other members a heads up of this oak.
But he will be judged one day
Hi .thanks for informing about such scammers....I want to ask you one thing..did you manage to get your money back..?..what could have done is just after he stopped responding turned upto bank and asked them to reverse transaction and you also have chats as proof..no bank denies reversing of transaction and still if bank denies your can file.complaint at SAPS and then show that complaint so bank will generally reverse the transaction...
Not sure if you already did this..?..

Also, I am new to this marketplace..can you plz tell me few things:
1. Generally for all trades, what is standard here..?.does buyer pay whole amount to seller and then seller ships or 50 percent after the delivery..?..what have you done on previous trades and any idea what other avcommers do...?
2. I have seen most posts staying that e-wallet is not accepted..any specific reason..?
3. I am looking to buy an aircraft...but mostly sellers appear far off from me..so how should I do the aircraft inspection...?..does buyer has to fly to seller or ask the seller to come here..?..in latter case do I have to pay for fuel cost .?..what is standard..?..and generally how much is cost for pre-purchase aircraft inspection...
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Re: Scammer alert

Unread post by antvichugo »

Hi, can those that got scammed not open a fraud case with SAPS?

and, if one can get their details via their cell number, a case with the small claims court?

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