Use of Personal Classifieds

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Use of Personal Classifieds

Unread post by flying » Fri Nov 06, 2009 3:06 pm

We are experiencing more and more abuse of the personal classified sections. The personal classified sections is there for AvCom members to advertise and trade their private goods.

Commercial posts are not allowed in this section.

We have a paid for advertising section if you wish to advertise any commercial offerings and you may make contact with if you wish to make use of this section.

There is no strict definition as to what is personal/private versus a commercial activity and may be left to the moderators group for a decision in marginal cases. If you are unsure about your post, PM one of the moderators. Some guidance is that it should be something that was purchased for your personal use and you no longer require it ie - you have used it and now is surplus to your needs.

The following have already been considered and are classed commercial:
  • Goods purchased for resale, irrespective of the quantity or pricing.
  • If you are involved or employed in the trade.
  • Selling items from or on behalf of estates .
Also consider these threads where there has been community discussion regarding our views: ... 16&t=56315 ... 16&t=67229

If you are posting on behalf of an non AvCom person, you are to also include the contact details of the registered owner and request interested parties to contact the owner directly.

Not following these guidelines can result in a warning or in some cases an immediate banning.
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