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Highest Altitude with RC plane

Our fun RC record attempts.

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Re: Highest Altitude with RC plane

Unread post by pietermu »

hi Chrisvn,

Yes I know about that attempt. I believe we are looking at RC under its own power and not with a weather balloon. Just saying :D
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Re: Highest Altitude with RC plane

Unread post by Trevorn »

Chrisvn wrote:I stand to be corrected but Phillip, Schalk and their team from Hack4house in Pretoria did a similar project a year or two ago ... wil post the actual video ... far more "red tape" in SA for such an project ...


While this is a very interisting project it is not a particularly great achievement, if height is the goal.

Very good results will be obtained in DeAar in December flying a 3 meter electric glider with the glider pilot a passage in a tandem paraglider. If there are a few paragliders in the air at the same time to scout for lift you could expect some very impressive results. Maybe not 20 000 feet, but we'll over 12 000 feet, or over 4000 meters AGL. One will have to use supplementary oxygen though. There will be other challenges as one will loose sight of the glider at times, so some sort of qyro/auto pilot will be needed. Ground crew with binoculars and radios and a bit of luck.

Anyone keen to give it a go this December? Just a word of warning it can.get very ruff in December in a paraglider and it is not for the faint hearted.

Incidentally what instrument is being used? GPS or barometer based instrument? The results can vary quite a bit.( not to mention QNH, density altitude true altitude bla bla bla) I have got to just over 800 m in a 3m Bird of Time with an electric motor on. At that height it is very difficult to see it and easy to loose sight of. Using a Hitec Aura 9 with gps telemetry and a vario. (not sure if Futaba works well over 1000 m :lol: :lol: )

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