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A useful bush aircraft

Models M4, M5, M6 & M7.A real bush aircraft, steel-tube & fabric high-wing taildragger with 4 to 5 seats.

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A useful bush aircraft

Unread post by flyboy2 »

Over the years I've been fortunate to have instructed on most of the Maule series.
These were the M4 , M5, M6 & M7.

One of my students had me convert him to his M4 and his Piper Aerostar 601P.
These 2 aircraft are miles apart in technology, but he coped well and used them as per his needs.

I saw a new announcement on the Maule URL of the M8 due for release soon.
Of interest has been the various bigger piston motors available & even a 415 SHP Rolls turbine!

Of course in North America they're extensively put on float or ski's.
There is also a excellent Maule owners blog at:- http://maulepilots.org/forums/index.php
where some excellent advice can be freely gathered.

My only long-distance flight in a Maule took place quite recently.
I ferried a Namibian M6 from FYWE,via FAUP to FAVV without incident.
As it had been parked for some while, it was inevitable that a few snags
cropped up, but these have been mostly resolved or are being attended to.
Jayson v Schalkwyk
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Re: A useful bush aircraft

Unread post by Jayson v Schalkwyk »

Hey Flyboy,

the Maule forum is a great resource of knowledge and info, I have been spending some time there learning about this great aerrie.
Jayson van Schalkwyk

Owner - Berg Aero Works
Proud dealer of Stewart Systems covering and paint products

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